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Visual display unit workers were included if they: had been visual display unit workers for more than 3 months; were experiencing their first non-specific work-related upper limb disorder; had symptoms lasting more than two weeks but less than three months; and were between 20 and 45 years of age.
ICS Systems have been proactive in the use of such data presentation and also offer visual display units which show, in colour, all of the control parameters as they ore developing in the process and display a graphic at the end of each run which can be printed off as well as seen on the screen.
Bluetooth has been developed to provide a low cost, radio-based, open standard technology for short-range, cableless data transmission in applications such as server to visual display units within an office environment.
VISUAL Display Units are, in the long-term future, going to play an important part in people's lives.
Staff may not even be aware they are working in an "electrical soup" of low level emissions from computers, visual display units, photocopiers and mobile phones.
When we introduced 2,400-baud visual display units in 1970, it was at the very forefront of technology.
Visual display units (VDU) operated by microprocessors are favored for the main parts of the machine monitoring system, namely the transducer, transmitter and display.