visual impact

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Funding of PS500 million will go to reducing the visual impact of stretches of high-voltage transmission lines in the Peak District, New Forest and Snowdonia national parks and Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), by replacing them with underground cables.
The plans unveiled by National Grid will reduce the visual impact of overhead lines that run over the Snowdonia National Park.
Founded on March 13, 1990, Visual Impact Systems was a pioneer in the “color desktop publishing” revolution.
It is necessary to limit the visual impact of antennas as much as possible to reduce the difficulty of acquiring new sites and renew existing leases.
Our group will be appealing to councillors to consider the detrimental visual impact on tourism and the community.
PROPOSED wind developments close to Northumberland's National Park have been thrown out by councillors, amid concern over their visual impact.
Meanwhile, a fierce backlash by locals, councillors and businesses that spurred a petition and emergency meetings with the Chamber of Trade about the visual impact yesterday resulted in a council U-turn.
Allowing for the 16 metres for them to be sunk into the sea bed this still makes them five times higher than the new vertical pier Add to this, the fact that they are to be placed less than a mile from the shore, the visual impact is going to be alarming.
The Landscape Institute East of England Branch and LiZLaKe, Chartered Landscape Architects and Urban Designers, are jointly organising a training day for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA).
Buck said that before finalizing plans for wind turbines, the town must also consider such items as limiting the installation to certain districts, following FAA regulations because of the town's proximity to Worcester Regional Airport, and visual impact.
AKRON, Ohio, March 6 /PRNewswire/ -- While winter is the off-season for the landscaping industry, Visual Impact Imaging, maker of the premier landscape design software, EARTHSCAPES, has been hard at work redesigning its website to better serve its clients.
LAND Rover is to introduce new HST versions of its Freelander and Range Rover Sport models, which the company boasts will achieve even higher levels of dramatic visual impact.

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