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NEC Visual Systems Division and NEC Display Solutions of America have expanded their businesses by leveraging strong, global supply chain management and market-leading technologies and solutions.
Gemini Technology produces software development tools for OpenGL-based computers and workstations, and develops high performance visual systems for customers in the aerospace, defense and entertainment industries.
This is a clear indication that not only is the EP-1000CT Visual System the system of choice for new simulators but also the ideal replacement visual system for existing systems installed on older simulators of all types and manufacture.
AWR's Visual System Simulator (VSS) product is a comprehensive software suite for the design of complete, end-to-end communications systems.
ANA's selection of the EP-1000CT system followed an extensive technical evaluation, which included feedback from other E&S customers in Japan, where E&S ESIG(R)-3800GT/ESCP-2000 visual systems have been successfully installed.
The competition was very tough this time because we were evaluating new technology from visual system suppliers.
This acquisition will allow us to provide to customers of both companies an outstanding range of graphics solutions -- from GUI builders and 2D graphing and plotting software to state-of-the-art 3D visualization and application development frameworks," said George Brandt, president and CEO of Advanced Visual Systems.
24 /PRNewswire/ -- In a move expected to fuel the spread of advanced visual applications in colleges and universities, Advanced Visual Systems Inc.
AVS5 also incorporates significant new imaging and volume rendering features from the SunVision technology that Advanced Visual Systems acquired from Sun MicroSystems.
17 ~PRNewswire~ -- Continuing its drive in to the supercomputer marketplace, Advanced Visual Systems today introduced a new version of its Application Visualization System (AVS(tm)) for Cray Research supercomputers and announced an agreement to make AVS available on Meiko Inc's massively-parallel systems.

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