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Graeme Manwell, chairman of the NEVITC said: "It was fantastic to have so many players involved in the event and to see how much the visually impaired game has grown in the 12 months since we last held the competition.
An annual calendar in Braille language will be issued in the second stage of the programme to be helpful for all the visually impaired across the UAE.
Creating collaborative training programs to prepare people, who are blind and visually impaired, to earn information technology and project management professional certifications;
Students at the Noor Center for the Visually Impaired study eight subjects and all lessons are recorded.
They indicated a majority of managers mistakenly believed there were few jobs in their organizations that visually impaired people could successfully perform.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf said the government is committed to the welfare of visually challenged people.
The ATM is located in the Emirates Association for the Blind in Sharjah's headquarters where the visually impaired people will be trained to use the machine by a team from the bank in collaboration with the EABS.
Cardiff-based Miss Clifton, who writes music for films and television, created a scheme for visually impaired youngsters at the junior department for the Royal College of Music.
Not only does Visually Brilliant say they can make you an almost-overnight celebrity on the social media landscape, they also claim to be able to target users by both geographic locations and interest groups.
New Delhi, Mar 13 (ANI): Facing the odd challenges in their lives, the visually impaired persons turned up as navigators in a car rally organized here on Sunday.
SHOWING no leniency to a visually impaired man, a Delhi court sentenced him to 10 years rigorous imprisonment for raping a blind student inside a hostel run by him two years ago.
Visually impaired adults were given the opportunity to try their hand at the sport at Tennis World, in Middlesbrough.