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Vitae Pharmaceuticals is an emerging pharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative drugs by advancing its pipeline of product candidates.
Humanae vitae says, "No believer will wish to deny that the teaching authority of the Church is competent to interpret even the natural moral law.
Vitae Pharmaceuticals is an emerging pharmaceutical company with a unique and powerful structure-based drug design engine and a rapidly maturing portfolio of high value discovery programs.
It is evident, both philosophically and empirically, that the Church cannot survive where the doctrine of Humanae vitae is not taught and lived.
A comparison of a text of Landino and Thomas will show how Landino rewords Thomas, maintaining the basic argument from the Summa Theologiae, but using munus to make action and speculation mullera vitae (functions of life) rather than genera vitae:
At Vitae, we are executing on a strategy for rapid development of breakthrough products, and, just two years after our founding, we have four product candidates that we plan to bring into the clinic in 2005," said Jeffrey Hatfield, CEO of Vitae Pharmaceuticals.
Kenny abandoned the exercise of the priesthood over Humanae vitae, after 1968.
From Evangelium vitae (Gospel of life, 1995), para 48:
In Humanae vitae Pope Paul VI invoked the authority of Christ (cf.
Humanae vitae and adherence thereto were never touched on.
As previously reported, the Society for Catholic Life and Culture--in support of Bishops Colin Campbell, Roman Danylak, and Basil Filevich--also called upon Canadian bishops to approve a new statement which would reaffirm Humanae vitae and defend its ban on artificial contraception, this coming October.