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He divides his comments into two sections, one on the "Winnipeg Statement" and the second on "Solid Teaching on Humanae Vitae (HV) and the Winnipeg Statement (WS).
As professor of Christian ethics Germain Grisez states: "With Humanae vitae, Paul VI reaffirmed the constant and very firm teaching of the Church excluding contraception.
43) Alberti agrees, saying that to achieve contemplation one should leave actions behind, though he does not discuss the genera vitae.
Humanae vitae points out the sufficiency of God's grace to keep the divine natural law prohibiting contraception (cf.
Jack Baldwin, after his nearly 50 year career in drug discovery, to step back from day-to-day oversight of Vitae's research programs and focus on the strategic scientific and technical vision he set out for Vitae.
Later, he would forbid his London priests to speak on Humanae vitae.
The two essays seem to have been written some time ago, perhaps ten years or more, because while Wills traces the support of Pope John Paul II for Humanae vitae, he stops midway in the nineteen eighties and, for example, never mentions Evangelium vitae (1995).
From Evangelium vitae (Gospel of life, 1995), para 48:
While the Church celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the encyclical Humanae vitae with gratitude and joy, the dissenters continue their rebellion with thirty-year-old arguments.
Humanae vitae and adherence thereto were never touched on.
It is claimed that at Winnipeg the Canadian bishops declared their support for the teaching of Humanae vitae.