vital concern

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This is why the attainment of proficiency, the pushing of your skill with attention to the most delicate shades of excellence, is a matter of vital concern.
Regardless of demands for us to show sympathetic consideration for the feelings of those English settlers who have acquired formerly Scottish homes, the vital concern of Siol nan Gaidheal will remain securely focused upon the welfare and future of those Scots thus rendered homeless.
According to current medical research, of vital concern to any woman considering getting pregnant should be detoxifying her baby's first home: The womb.
Women emancipation has become a vital concern for the economic progress of any country, however, efforts of the West regarding imposition of their approved models of gender equality in third world countries especially Pakistan may raise serious threats to our cultural values.
A vital concern to both countries is the creation and use of low emission technology, to cut waste and increase the amount of energy gained from each tonne of coal, Mr Marmion said.
com)-- “Efficient, accurate invoice management is a vital concern to most companies as it directly affects their cash flow and bottom-line.
The two officials discussed the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks, with Judeh reiterating Jordan's position that underlines the establishment of an independent Palestinian state as a prime national interest, based on the Kingdom's vital concern about the final status issues.
Adrian Edwards, a spokesman for UNHCR, said earlier this month that the lack of health care for the Syrian refugees was a vital concern.
Reservoir management is a vital concern for oil producers around the globe and even a slight increase in reservoir return rates can mean millions of additional barrels of oil and millions in associated revenue.
Security is a vital concern, and Huawei enterprise solutions will provide our customers with the most advanced security tools in the market.
store and addressed a number of issues of vital concern to them as members of the franchise industry, as well as small-business owners who provide jobs and contribute to the local community.
As many cities across the region see populations rapidly grow, effective waste management solutions are becoming an increasingly vital concern.