vital element

See: center, essence
References in classic literature ?
But if the destruction of the Union by one or by a part only of the States be lawfully possible, the Union is LESS perfect than before the Constitution, having lost the vital element of perpetuity.
Fiji is a vital element of the restructuring of Asia-Pacific affairs"
With all the talk of higher education versus vocational courses one vital element is often missing.
It is important that we, as a community, recognise that a person's dignity contributes towards their health, well being and independence and is a vital element of the best possible care.
They know that pupils are a vital element in moving Heworth forward.
Some 500 self-employed New Zealand shearers spend around 10 weeks in the UK each summer and are a vital element in the workforce that shears 23m British sheep each summer.
Productivity is the vital element needed to boost living standards.
When devising a succession plan, the financial stability of the business and of the family members is a vital element.
A vital element of the project is collaboration with design students from London's highly regarded Central St.
Telemarketing is an annoying yet vital element in both commerce and fund-raising, and it is not going away.
According to Carter and Grastris, this 21st-century service requirement, unlike an old-fashioned draft, would provide a vital element of personal choice.
He added: 'Post Office Ltd would like to confirm that this branch is a vital element of our rural network and there is no intention of closing it permanently.