vital essence

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There was only--spring itself; the throb of it, the light restlessness, the vital essence of it everywhere: in the sky, in the swift clouds, in the pale sunshine, and in the warm, high wind--rising suddenly, sinking suddenly, impulsive and playful like a big puppy that pawed you and then lay down to be petted.
This is wanting in the police report, where more stress is laid, perhaps, upon the platitudes of the magistrate than upon the details, which to an observer contain the vital essence of the whole matter.
This disturbance affects the "vital essence" or the essential energy that gives life, and it is in the vital essence or vital force where disease begins (Li 2011; Hahnemann 2003).
and are a vital essence for every woman, offering a “Beauty on the Go[TM]” Make-Up Kit, Party Make-Up Palette, Mineral Foundation, Loose Mineral Powder and Liquid Eyeliner Pen.
The plugs inserted into orifices of the body could be seen as for prevention of the escape of vital essence, or to prevent evil spirits entering the body and destroying it.
Simon explained: "People believed, although the soul had departed the body, there was still a vital essence in there.
He said maintaining competitiveness during such shifts in business dynamics can only be achieved by recognising the vital essence of strong and fair leadership, addressing the gaps between current leadership practices and those required to succeed in the future, and changing the leadership style so that the whole workforce is aligned towards a common goal.
But if a Greater Being gives microbes their own little greater being, then it would presumably be well within the Being's powers to endow a synthetic organism with whatever vital essence living organisms typically have.
It is through the playing by artists such as Perlman that these instruments can retain their vital essence, and it is through this book that the reader can gain special access to these same instruments.
Join our group energy field and benefit from DDCG's powerful energy solutions for alleviating stress and suffering while strengthening your vital essence and spiritual growth.
Finally a vital essence of apple juice is produced.
God knows why, but companies regularly ask for candies called Sweaty Feet and Smelly Cheese, and lurking behind the little jars of horsehound and lime oil are others that hold the vital essence of sprouts, baked beans and pickled anchovies.