vital principle

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33) For Aristotle, the external parts of the body express the higher or lower quality of the vital principle.
For Boyde, Dante celebrates the human as a vital principle animating a generated body, though distinct from all other animate bodies in the powers of the mind (mens), by which the rational soul orders the relationships between the abstracted pieces of information received from the senses.
One vital principle of development, for instance, is to expand the repertoire of nonviolent sanctions.
Taxpayers desire, and are entitled as a vital principle of sound tax administration to know with certainty the tax results of their transactions.
With such a vital principle in mind, a society should not try to gain esteem from the death of its citizens rather than celebrating life.
But Roy Clare, chief executive of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) had praised Sue Charteris's report which "supports the vital principle that changes to library provision should only take place after strategic thinking and proper process that takes account of public need and wishes.
Life does not result from an organism when it has been built up, but the vital principle builds up the organism of its own body.
The vital principle pervades the entire being, just as the gospel pervades the multidimensional life of the church.
2kg of uranium which is being delivered to Dounreay, barely enough to fill a suitcase, represents Britain's commitment to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, and to the vital principle that stockpiles of nuclear material must be gua
If you paralyze the judiciary through numerous political interventions, you damage such a vital principle.
And true to its title, Find A Way offers a message of hope as it unlocks a vital principle of attaining our goals when patience and perseverance is eventually tested.
He said, "Participation is a vital principle of the Olympic Movement.