vital statistics

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In 2010, 969 abortions during or later than the fourth month were performed (Oregon Vital Statistics, 2010 annual report).
222) Through the use of published records and an institutional context framework, Schweber analyzes the events and developments that had an impact on the struggle of demography and vital statistics for disciplinary recognition.
In addition, while vital statistics relating to unwed motherhood can provide a baseline, or establish a minimum level of premarital sex in a given year, they do not reveal the actual level of premarital sex.
Vital Statistics will issue certificates to prove that a domestic partnership has been registered, and will also officially terminate a domestic partnership under certain circumstances including marriage to a third party by one of the domestic partners.
Vital Statistics has a very good chance and she's pleased in her work.
today announced that the Columbus Public Health Vital Statistics Office will implement Streamline Health's document management and workflow solutions using remote hosting services.
Drawing on vital statistics and census data, the author argues that the Sexual Revolution was unfolding in the United States during the 1940s and 1950s.
IF YOU haven't been quizzed in a club or at a pride event, you still have a chance to fill in this year's Vital Statistics gay men's sex survey.
Vital statistics such as average call waiting times can be continuously tracked.
OTTAWA -- Immigrants are less likely than native-born Canadians to commit suicide, according to a study of Canadian vital statistics data.
Vital Statistics Agency, appears to be part of a pattern in our province to acquiesce readily to the gay lobbyists' agenda.
Data from the registry and from Norway's vital statistics system permitted the investigators to examine the incidence of infant mortality (deaths by age one), preterm delivery (before 37 weeks' gestation) and low birth weight (less than 2,500 g), as well as maternal characteristics.