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Drawing from Lewis's and Weintraub's (1976) concept of "transitive vitalization," Atkins observed that the mother can facilitate the emotional presence of the father even when he is physically absent.
A ''neighborhood gossip'' site on the Internet launched by people of Tottori Prefecture, the least populated in Japan, is providing a forum for new ideas for regional vitalization.
Provides: some scholarships and being in on the reformation & vitalization of P.
the vitalization and reconstruction of society from the bottom up.
and multilevel intervention strategy for the vitalization and
The disintegration stage dominates the first half of the novel, while the vitalization stage governs the second half.
As a leading figure in the vitalization of Frisian literature in the 1920s and 1930s, he deserves the honor of this publication of his collected poetry.
Says, however, that inner-city vitalization is as important as building more prisons.
He focused on vitalization of the department in phased manner as well as asked for prompt actions in this respect and submitting a comprehensive report with all recommendations through Chief Secretary.
The project is expected to help improve the country%s living environment as well as contribute to the vitalization of its economy.
SEOUL, South Korea, March 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The 30th Korea International Medical & Hospital Show(KIMES 2014) has begun today(13th) at COEX in Seoul, which is dedicated to medical and health care industry's development and vitalization.
The potential of young people to be major forces in community vitalization is often overlooked.