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Three vitally important games are coming up in the space of a week for us Three vitally
In particular, it is foreseen to upgrade the motor ways 147 km length, to repair about 23 km of the vitally
2-5 poll, are less likely to say what happens there is vitally important than to say this about a number of other countries around the world, particularly China.
And finally, the secretary encouraged the foreign minister to continue important dialogue with Israel because that relationship remains a vitally important one to the future of the region," he added.
and if Plaid had the opportunity to govern that would be our first priority - along with other vital public services such as social care and housing and several other vitally important services that serve members of the public.
But Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Sandra Gidley said: "Sexual health clinics do not have the resources vitally needed to tackle the spiralling rate of sexually transmitted infections.
C-Fam plans a vitally important in-depth expose of the Earth Charter threat.
With prostate cancer affecting one in six of American men, with more than a quarter of a million American men diagnosed with prostate cancer, the American Cancer Society's Complete Guide To Prostate Cancer is a vitally important addition to every community library Health/Medicine reference collection in the country.
This test case is vitally important to poor people.
The AFCA Directory contains a complete listing of the AFCA membership, providing you with the names and addresses of those in the profession who are vitally interested in the future of the football coaching profession and its improvement.
Union State Bank is very pleased to contribute to the construction of this vitally important facility.
Nevertheless, this work is vitally important to understanding how the Black Power and Arts Movements, the Chitlin' Circuit and television history converged in the 1970s with mixed results.