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They went vitriolic because they couldn't bear the voice of reason and truth about reality on the ground in Bahrain," it said, voicing dismay over the hypocrisy and double standards permeating Western media.
I thought I had heard and read every vitriolic diatribe and crass assertion going that could be spewed against the First Minister but this one is a cracker.
PLAID Cymru leader Leanne Wood's dream of building an "alliance of progressives" against UK Government cuts looked over before it even got started last night as the leader of one of Wales' biggest unions launched a vitriolic attack on her.
Kean, by contrast, has been forced to endure increasing criticism from fans this season, culminating in vitriolic abuse recently.
A fractious affair was not helped by several obtuse decisions from official Andrew Cawtherley, often subject to vitriolic observations from both benches.
YOUR two Sunderland-based correspondents, Neil Simpson and Frank Harrison (Voice of the North February 11), both scribed rather vitriolic ripostes to the letter of the previous day from a Mr Malcolm Dix, who was merely expressing the joy of Newcastle's incredible four-goal comeback against Arsenal.
Unlike her appearances on The Weakest Link, which are becoming increasingly vitriolic but with a slightly more tongue-in-cheek edge, Anne genuinely vents her spleen at those she believes deserves it.
Foreign Office Spokesman said that Indian Foreign Secretarys vitriolic remarks against Pakistan yet again reveals that the Indian Government persists in its propaganda campaign that only vitiates the atmosphere, darkens the horizon and dampens hopes for peace and tranquillity in South Asia.
This type of shallow and vitriolic 1960's public diplomacy also makes Cuban leadership appear to be non-serious, polemical amateurs.
I trust that membership of the BHA's highly regarded Racing Promotions Group will afford him appropriate standing to avoid the vitriolic responses from supporters of the Lambourn and Middleham open days, and others, that greeted a similar suggestion from this quarter more than a year ago.
Sure rivalry between United and Liverpool is always intense and doesn't need fuel added to the existing vitriolic fire.
Stealing the show, though, is the Squeeze-like social commentary in dysfunctional Family Of Leeches and vitriolic Bumbag.