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I've watched politicians for decades and have seen any number of backstabbings, scandals, vituperations, and Machiavellian machinations.
It was precisely against the status quo that Gerb rallied, and made the Bulgarian Socialist party and the MRF the target of their vituperations.
The pervasiveness of the new Colbert brand, and his seeming enchantment of a young audience that is totally done with supercilious talking heads, hypocrites, and Hollywood sanctimony, has politicians lining up to be the targets of his sweet vituperations nearly every night.
In light of that, Prothero's plea for "a voice that sounds more like the old-fashioned news gathering of CBS and the BBC than like the contemporary vituperations of Fox News and MSNBC" makes sense.
parliament a way from vituperations and accusations.
Der Spiegel's recent claims, apart from being the usual, old vituperations, should rather be viewed in the context of a wider agenda to curtail dialogue between resistance movements and western officials.
Burns divides the history of American journalism's errors, omissions, pranks, and downright lies into four periods: early period (late 17th and most of the 18th century) when journalism was a novelty and reporting, riddled with opinions, vituperations, and foibles, often was unattributable; second period (beginning in the 1930s) when readers demanded newspapers present facts and articles stripped of "verbiage and coloring"; third period (mid to late 1960s) when journalists and prominent newsmakers, especially presidents, played on "the same team"; and, finally, the period of the Vietnam War and Nixon Administration, when political and military figures produced so many lies that the press grew wary of politicians at all levels.
Jimmy mightily assails the dullness with clever vituperations aimed at the Establishment, his wife (Alison) and his friend Cliff.
In such a situation, the specific threads of the forum turn out to become dumpsters filled up with words of smears and vituperations.