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He claims that, in spite of Waldron's claim that hate speech laws only restrict people from expressing their views in particularly vituperative ways, and not from expressing their points of view on any topic, hate speech laws do in fact result in poor applications in practice.
It seems to be true that Pope John Paul II wanted bishops and the laity to toe his line, but the editorial seems to me to have rigidly drawn borders, merciless and vituperative in its judgment of the past pope.
In effect, however, it is a vituperative pamphlet against Photius, arguably Byzantium's greatest mind, written by the prolific Nicetas David, author of some 50 hagiographies, who was highly skilled at distorting evidence.
Red, who hopes to be a scientist, lives in a nearby town with his father, a judge, and his vituperative grandmother, an Irish immigrant.
Lyrically, it finds Moz as controversially vituperative as ever.
The babble of a former army chief engaging in vituperative on the tweet machine that is none of his business.
Our goal is to be a little more boomer-oriented, more information-based rather than being vituperative and polarizing," he told Bloomberg Businessweek.
She was asked about the vituperative rhetoric coming out of Tehran about untrustworthy Americans and the complaints from Tehran about American rhetoric as well.
The vituperative words and behavior of the defendant [Genc] should be considered an offense of libel," the complaint said, citing several examples from the rulings of the Supreme Court of Appeals.
During World War II, moderate lawmakers in the US Congress, positioned in the middle of the vituperative partisanship dividing hardcore conservatives and liberal New Dealers, successfully worked to constrain the New Deal while also preserving it, argues Young (history, U.
These goals are pursued through an exploration of traditions of vituperative literature and the establishment of subsequent intertextual manifestations of the sonnets comprising the exchange in question, both within and beyond Dante's own oeuvre.