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When the salesmen ask the executive his name, he vituperatively responds, "Fuck you, that's my name" (Tokofsky, 1993).
For example, in the ninth century Theodulf of Orleans commented vituperatively on the tiny difference between `scots' and `sots': `Quae [littera] sonar in "caelo" prima, et quae in "scando" secunda .
Another example: after unremittingly and often vituperatively attacking Herzl for many pages Boyarin says that, of course, he does not know what he would have done if he had been Freud or Herzl faced with anti-semitism.
Thus the lines are drawn in a symbolic battle over positions in a field of cultural production; the outside is vituperatively imagined to create an inside, a core.
Today the issue, though less vituperatively debated, yet seethes.
Either way, most definitions vituperatively excluded some one or another, thus becoming doctrinal definitions of continuous conflict.