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I will pay you up to $1 million to both make movies for and represent Vivid Entertainment.
The Vivid T8 system gives healthcare providers access to advanced quantitative tools and provides shared service image quality, with options to customize the system to fit each healthcare provider's needs, according to the company.
Vivid Cabaret/LA is operated by a subsidiary of Rick's Cabaret International Inc (Nasdaq:RICK), an operator of upscale adult nightclubs.
4 : seeming full of life and freshness <a vivid painting>
Using two micro-appliances and a hosted Internet call target, Vivid IP can perform a variety of LAN, WAN and multi-site network assessments, while troubleshooting complex VoIP problems with ease.
Olson, experience and an unwavering dedication to customer service are what makes Vivid Colors unique.
Vivid is the UK's number one toy and gift developer and works closely with the licensers of many top children and teen TV productions and films, including major box office hits.
Featuring pounds 1,500 worth of extras, at pounds 11,495 on-the-road the Vivid appears to be good value, costing only pounds 515 more than the EL specification model on which it is based.
In 1997, it introduced the award-winning Minolta VIVID 700 3-D Digitizer, the first, and still the world's only, totally self-contained, portable surface and color 3-D scanner capable of fully autonomous operation.
Vivid Interactive's strategy is to offer on standard DVD movie players the kind of interactive gameplay previously available only on computers with DVD-ROM drives.
The transaction is structured as a stock merger in which shareholders of Vivid will receive one share of PerkinElmer common stock for each 6.
Vivid Technologies fits well with PerkinElmer from both a marketing and technology standpoint.