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We suspect that a significant factor working against the vivification of a MuniMall virtual community is tied to our effort to "hoist" the professional municipal administration community's communications onto the Internet.
The animation of taste, of which the arabesque Rodrick Usher is an index, eventually enacts the thematic vivification of the text itself.
Walt Whitman fashioned what he called a "clear plate-glassy style" for Leaves Of Grass because he wanted his poem to present "ultimate vivification to facts" that would "make every man his own priest" and "give good heart," thus uniting all people of "these United States" and everyone for all time.
God's "alien work" is the necessary preparation for his "proper work": "the resurrection of Christ, justification in the Spirit, and the vivification of the new man" (Luther, qtd.
In order to lay their cases, they used highly contentious language, outright dissimulation, and arguments that ran from rapprochement to vivification, (i.
By understanding the Spirit's activity as inhabitation, enhancement of community, and vivification, Gregory overcomes the dualistic understanding of the Spirit regnant among the philosophers of his time, and at the same time reconciles biblical statements regarding the activity of the Spirit with interpretations of Plato's cosmology.
The broader sense of "changed mind," however, reminds us that a full-orbed theological conception of Christian repentance must recognize that mortification is only one side of the reality of repentance, the negative condition of its positive dimension--namely, vivification.
Vivification in Confessions is about the historicity underlying the representation, about the conflicting meanings that reside beneath the surface of the superhero costume in fiction films and the inherent contradictions of the superhero costume in reality.
My study, however, does not presuppose a female reader; rather, I assume that the vivification devices are potentially effective for male and female readers.