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To sum up, teaching resources include all kinds of teaching data, audiovisual aids, and social resources that can vivify, enrich, and facilitate the teaching process.
Her cowboy jigs and country reels literally vivify the show.
Her use of direct speech and the narrative device of retrospection and anticipation are constituent for her dramatic narration; they vivify the past and entangle the listener.
The one later (unpublished) essay in this section, "The Psychology and Craft of Writing," indicates Toomer's own program, to "essentialize experience" and to "spiritualize experience," to intensify and vivify "both the writer and the reader.
But selling services presents the additional challenge to vivify - to make real and meaningful - concepts and ideas.
Rather, in this fusion of horizons, differences vivify, transform, and enhance each other -- as Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum said, "Our differences enhance our lives.
but have given short shrift to the customary forms that sustain and vivify civil society.
Like Chadwick, Du Boulay seems unaware of the problems involved in using fiction to comment on fact, and unlike Jusserand he does not present much original historical research to vivify his story.
Joyousness You can trust the range of warm-hearted mid-tones, and the bright juxtaposition of colors in Joyousness, which are designed to illuminate and vivify everything they touch.
We are going vivify the entire district with a wide variety of promotion including vouchers for upscale restaurants, a walking tour to spiritual attractions in the area, and room packages with inclusive services like free Wi-Fi, laundry and dry cleaning services, and fitness center.
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In these photographs, Johnson pictures himself and others in guises that vivify the modes of imaging and the economies of desire engendered by the construction of black masculinity in the United States, from Self-Portrait Laying on Jack Johnson's Grave, 2006, to Sarah with Space Rock, 2009, which depicts a nude blond woman holding the eponymous object while seated in the sort of wicker chair made famous by Huey Newton.