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There, along with the air that's breathed out, it rids itself of the exhaled water and the carbon dioxide, takes in a new load of oxygen and begins a new vivifying round.
Exuberance draws people together and primes them to act boldly; it warrants that the immediate world is safe for exploration and enjoyment and creates a vivifying climate in which a group can rekindle its collective mental and physical energies if depleted by setback, stress, or aggression.
Everything begins and has its vivifying root in Christ.
Lynch shows us that "character," the major object of desire among readers (Janeites 3) and quintessential disciplinary object in novel studies, is not only a form of life but a form of liveliness or aliveness, a way we have of imagining ourselves alive as well as a mode of vivifying what we read.
It is not a kind of economic primal sludge that awaits the vivifying hand of the market to attain reality and life.
Burt's Bees, whose latest line of products includes a refreshing Rosemary Mint shampoo bar ($6), vivifying Wild Lettuce toner ($9), all-natural facial powders ($16), cremes ($9) and moisturizers ($11), has always included the environment in its economic equation.
Consider the following tropes for the Spirit within the Bible: the vivifying breath that animates all living things (Gen.
Students are thus encouraged, using their own minds rather than being told, to think of brainstorming as a means of vivifying the conclusion once the body of the essay has been written.
1) Second, the IRS continued to challenge over-aggressive tax-reduction schemes and the courts sustained those efforts, thereby vivifying the economic substance and business purpose tests of the common law.
Aristophanes's metamorphically vivifying imagination is at its most intense here; the central agon (debate) pits Better Argument, praiser of the old ways and days and virtues, against Worse Argument, a glib & constructor of traditional mores.
True, the fundamental law of all organic life is that an organism lives only through contact with, and assimilation of, other matter, which in human beings means that each of us requires the vivifying assimilation of nonmaterial vibrations provided by intimate contact with other humans.
Perhaps the most challenging task in selling most services is making the benefits concrete or vivifying them.