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The Dunciad is a must read, and these essays, by vivifying the personalities and texts, the discourses and ideologies that compete in the poem, help us to a more informed reading.
Burt's Bees, whose latest line of products includes a refreshing Rosemary Mint shampoo bar ($6), vivifying Wild Lettuce toner ($9), all-natural facial powders ($16), cremes ($9) and moisturizers ($11), has always included the environment in its economic equation.
Consider the following tropes for the Spirit within the Bible: the vivifying breath that animates all living things (Gen.
True, the fundamental law of all organic life is that an organism lives only through contact with, and assimilation of, other matter, which in human beings means that each of us requires the vivifying assimilation of nonmaterial vibrations provided by intimate contact with other humans.
Perhaps the most challenging task in selling most services is making the benefits concrete or vivifying them.
In this edition of Canti the introductory essay written by Franco Fortini is valuable in understanding Leopardi's poetic attitude: 'The intensively vivifying character of Leopardi's poetry, in seeming contradiction with his pessimistic and even desperate statements about existence itself.
Besides including Balanchine's vivifying 1972 classic Stravinsky Violin Concerto, the balance of SFB's repertoire was made up of ballets by Tomasson himself.
We suggest that part of that obligation is listening to the concerns of the people affected by a given proposal and thereby vivifying their right to petition the government for redress of grievances.
For Shelley, Mont Blanc and the Arve River symbolize the inaccessible mysteries of nature--awe-inspiring, vivifying, destructive--and he uses the landscape to express his romantic atheism.
both Herbert and Edward Lapworth, the Sedleian Professor of Natural Philosophy at Oxford, made the commonplace compliment that Prince Charles's return restored the fainting spirits of the English, who had nearly perished without the vivifying presence of the Prince.
Once lit up, its tones of bluish green Received, like a rigid waterfall, The sun's rays, vivifying water, Time's flow, but too hard, laser, too solid, That must be cut up, broken, thrown back on itself, Flares of diamond on emerald flares, Cutting thousands of facets with the sky reflected in them.
Equally important is his argument in the former article that the type of celestial magic prescribed by the Picatrix, in which detailed astrological rules are combined with the ancient practice of vivifying a statue by drawing down "a god or demon to inhabit a statue," does not significantly predate al-Kindi.