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Patients can present with a variety of vocal complaints that range from dysphonia to aphonia; vocal fatigue, soft voice, and short phrase length are common.
A lot of doctors recommend them based on the notion that vocal fatigue is caused by reflux," says Asher.
Vocal fatigue, inability to project the voice and stridor are also common symptoms.
Vocal fatigue may be compounded by not treating Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR), a common, yet largely unknown condition afflicting many frequent talkers.
To the singer or actor, vocal fatigue feels as if he or she needs to increase effort to produce a normal tone.
Chapter Seven, "Voice Disorders Associated with Hyperfunction" by Jennifer Oates, reviews vocal fatigue, throat discomfort, impaired voice quality, and pathological changes such as vocal fold oedema, inflammation, nodules, polyps or hemorrhage.
Early warning signs of problems include unintentional changes in voice pitch and general vocal fatigue
Attorneys, especially those with extensive trial practices, are prime candidates for voice disorders related to vocal fatigue and abuse.