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However, in many cases it may be associated with vocal fatigue.
It has a tremendous positive effect in people with vocal fatigue, vocal fold nodules, and polyps.
Leporello was sung and acted by Robert Milne; his lively humorous antics more than offset his moments of vocal fatigue.
The results from an early study in 1993 noted that 80% of the teachers surveyed experienced vocal fatigue and that the vocal demands associated with teaching contributed to vocal fatigue.
Arytenoid subluxation is a rare laryngeal injury that may follow instrumentation of the airway and present as hoarseness (1), vocal fatigue (1), stridor (2), dysphagia (1), odynophagia (3) and sore throat (1).
To the singer or actor, vocal fatigue feels as if he or she needs to increase effort to produce a normal tone.
Other factors can include vocal fatigue, menstrual cycles, and vocal changes associated with aging.
Early warning signs of problems include unintentional changes in voice pitch and general vocal fatigue
Attorneys, especially those with extensive trial practices, are prime candidates for voice disorders related to vocal fatigue and abuse.
At other times, vocal fatigue sets in and the voice loses its vibrancy, energy and ability to instigate enthusiasm.
In addition, teachers report reduced vocal fatigue, improved classroom management, and increased academic performance without changing curriculum or teaching methods.