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We report a case of increased FDG uptake in a vocal fold after Silastic injection that was misinterpreted as a malignancy.
Renu Gel is a resorbable buffered hydrogel and it is intended for short-term vocal fold injection augmentation in patients with suspected vocal fold paresis, or as a trial vocal fold injection augmentation prior to selecting a long-term augmentation therapy.
This organ contains the vocal folds, which produce and alter the pitch of sound waves.
Although there is one description of dyspnea due to a unilateral vocal fold paralysis published (Laccourreye et al.
The open-label, multicenter study included 108 patients with unilateral vocal cord paralysis or glottal incompetence with mobile vocal folds.
Treatments and assessments for benign vocal fold lesions such as nodules are discussed, and polyps, Reinke oedema, cysts and sulcus vocalis are explained.
The vocal folds are two bands of smooth muscle tissue that lie opposite each other.
During this prospective, open-label, single arm, pilot study, autologous fibroblasts were expanded in cell culture from punch biopsies of the buccal mucosa of five human subjects with vocal fold scarring.
5-7) Only a few cases of MFH of the vocal fold have been previously reported in the literature.
If an elephant's vocal folds were to clap together at 10 Hertz, for example, we would perceive some energy in that sound at 20, 30, 40 Hertz and so on.
Measurements of vocal fold resistance to stretching and shearing let researchers accurately predict the "fundamental frequency" ranges at which lions and tigers are known to roar, and the lung pressures needed to produce those roars.
More than half of the 37 singers who were screened discovered they had vocal problems resulting from nodules and polyps on their vocal folds, atrophy, muscle tension dysphonia, allergy or acid reflux.