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2-35; appendix 1, unattributed vocalises probably by Faure, p.
There is a need to vocalise parts of the functionality according to the requirements below.
Vocalise was a piece in a slow tempo but its heart rending melody was highly expressive and evoked mixed emotions.
The same could be said of the performance of Vaughan Williams' Serenade to Music, its text taken from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, which emerged as a sensuously beautiful vocalise, with notable contributions from the first violin and a choir soprano.
Young blues gunslinger Joe Bonamassa rocks up The Good Luck You're Having; Peter Frampton does his Edge impression on U2's All I Want Is You, and Slash serves up the slinky, surprisingly subtle Vocalise.
American soprano Marnie Breckenridge provided a moving rendition of Rachmaninoff's Vocalise and followed with Can't Help Loving Dat Man of Mine from Porgy and Bess.
In the tender Vocalise, which opened the program, the conductor opted for quiet reflection over self-indulgence, so much so that when he heightened intensity even slightly, it seemed a major mood shift.
1 and 3; Faure's Pavane; Debussy's Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun; Elgar's Serenade for Strings; Barber's Adagio for Strings; Sibelius's Swan of Tuonela; Vaughan Williams's Fantasia on "Greensleeves"; Ravel's Pavane pour une infante defunte; Massenet's Meditation; and Rachmaninov's Vocalise.
Rada's Montevideo showcases his hearty vocals and entrancing percussive textures in a variety of settings, including an intimate update of Carlos Gardel's tango classic "El Dia Que Me Quieras," the use of indigenous Uruguayan drums and bursts of his trademark vocalise inflections on the album's title tune, and a provocative example of his universal view of music making on "Amado John," a tribute to John Lennon that features vocals in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Zulu, and Italian.
I haven't sung since last January, and I never vocalise, because it's so boring.
Both the captains and celebrity guests poke fun at their contemporaries and rarely consider anything to be in poor taste or too outrageous to vocalise.
A The collars give off a spray of citronella every time a dog barks to teach it not to vocalise excessively.