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As regards vocalism, there are several parallels for the substitution of PU *o for Proto-Aryan *a and *a (Koivulehto 1999), for example PU *ora 'awl' (> SaaI udri, Fi ora, MdE uro, Hung dr) < Proto-Aryan *ara- > Sanskrit ara 'goad; awl'.
But his ardent vocalism was hard to resist in any case, as were those heavy-browed bug eyes he kept flashing in Fleming's direction.
Juan Pons came to singing the seriocomic role of Fra Melitone not by way of the buffo baritone (the usual route) but by way of singing di Lunas and Rigolettos, which gave the character and its vocalism a heft and breadth not usually heard (the hamminess, however, derived from both strains of baritones).
But these things aside, nothing else ought to be looked at more closely than the enthusiasm of the audience and the vocalism of the speaker (Flor.
and lessened power reshape her vocalism with "another kind of
To hear her in the Baroque coloratura repertory that constitutes her calling card is to reconceive the nature of modern operatic vocalism and its potentially transformative affect (see fig.
What Handel achieved in Messiah was a wonderful blend of elegant, Italianate melody alternating with virtuosic vocalism for the soloists and, for the chorus, unmatched choral sonorities ranging from madrigalesque lightness to the composer's characteristic ceremonial style.
The past participle form sawen adopted a from preterite plural; sewen, an alternative past participle, remains in accordance with the regular vocalism of S[V.
a scary Witch, gentle angels, the mysterious woods, the Dew Fairy) as well as an emphasis on good diction and effective vocalism from the singers.
It required a subjective assessment of eight behavioral variables such as mood, excitement level, fearfulness, vocalism and attentiveness.
With a certain misguided brilliance, Christensen has managed to torment certain surface features of classic abstraction into a lurid aberration as dizzyingly frightful/seductive as Yma Sumac's vocalism or Vincente Minnelli's mise-en-scenes.
The combination of her expressive, rich vocalism, elegant stage presence, and exciting theatrical abilities allows her to pursue a wide breadth of operatic portrayals as well as to delight audiences in concert and recital appearances.