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Guayacan's former lead vocalist, John Lozano, has formed the Mirave Orchestra and released a debut CD, Ahora Me Toca A Mi (Yoyo Music).
Debuting under FNC Entertainment in October 2016 with the single album "Feeling Sensation," SF9 is composed of Inseong as the main vocalist, Youngbin as leader and rapper, Jaeyoon and Dawon as sub-vocalist, Zuho as main rapper, Rowoon as lead vocalist, Taeyang as sub-vocalist and main dancer, Hwiyoung as sub-rapper and Chani as sub-rapper and main dancer.
Petrucci is the first vocalist of the Marmion Men's Chorus to earn this prestigious honor in more than 10 years.
Music was provided by karaoke singers including Leo, an established vocalist who performed several times.