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The relationship between prelinguistic vocalization and later expressive vocabulary in young children with developmental delay.
We deployed 4 automated recording systems (ARS) at 3 adjacent WRP wetlands between May and August 2009 to assess the frequency and temporal variation of Western Spadefoot Toad vocalizations.
Birds always were physically restrained by the same operator, who evaluated the response to handling and the vocalization intensity at two time points: at first capture, when the parrot was physically restrained with the aid of a blanket and leather gloves for individual weighing on a scale, and at second capture, after the sedation-score assessment.
Keywords:Animal welfare, Behavior, Group size, Hy-line Brown, Laying hens, Vocalization.
we suggest that the capacity for closed-mouth vocalization was present in at least some extinct nonavian dinosaurs.
Vocalization is a good way to salvage a hunt on an educated coyote.
For instance, there are times when Huehnergard finds the syllabic evidence to be insufficient to dissuade him from what is deemed to be the correct vocalization on comparative grounds, as in his reconstruction of the preposition l as [li] despite the syllabic spelling le-e in a polyglot vocabulary (Huehnergard explains the Id as the result of a sporadic shift in the vowel quality of HI near a sonorant; thus he vocalizes the preposition as "/li-/, pronounced [le-]" [p.
Excessive vocalization, and in particular a change in the vocalization habit, may be an indication of disease.
After the infants received their cochlear implants, the significant difference in overall vocalization quantity was no longer evident," Fagan said.
Doe "estrous bleats" have become popular as another effective, non-aggressive vocalization.
In addition to this, their study used a between subject group comparison, where eight infants with various ages were assigned to one or the other type of reinforcement and the collective results of vocalization rates were compared between groups.