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Infants' vocalizations throughout the first year follow a set of predictable steps from crying and cooing to forming syllables and first words.
There are whitetail vocalizations I'd heard for years without even recognizing them as such until one day visually witnessing the source and establishing the correlation.
Specifically, infant vocalizations have been increased through social stimulation (Rainey and Ourth 1971; Rheingold et al.
Vocalizations of a nestling were extracted from a video recording and corresponding spectrograms produced using Adobe Audition 3.
Note that, compared with the echolocation pulses, FMBs last longer, have a shorter amount of time between vocalizations, and have lower pitches.
Thus, long-tailed weasels are likely able to detect vocalizations of Neotropical singing mice and may be more sensitive to trills from S.
The Throat Tuber[TM], a double layer of corrugated rubber that mimics the parts of a deer's anatomy used in vocalizations, produces incredibly realistic sounds.
Bird behavior and vocalizations reflect their assessment of the environment and communicate distinct messages to nearby birds.
Scientists have known for some time that a dolphin's vocalizations have special qualities 6 dolphins seem to be able to recognize certain whistles(http://news.
Variant vocalizations are, in any case, common in early biblical interpretation (Martin offers one additional example in chapter 9, "More Multivalence in the Song"), and the possibility of deliberate ambiguity is certainly worthy of further exploration.
In an ongoing debate, that negative finding may dampen hopes that the high-pitched, songlike mouse vocalizations could join human speech and the sounds of songbirds, certain marine mammals and a few other creatures as examples of vocal learning through imitation.
However, unlike birds, bat vocalizations do not so readily facilitate identification.