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Terrestrial arthropods, including insects, do not pump sufficient volumes of air into and out of their bodies to vocalize, but instead rub parts of their hard exoskeletons together to generate rasps, buzzes, and clicks.
We have found that ethanol-exposed rat pups vocalize more than their non-exposed counterparts when isolated from their dams on postnatal day five, indicating a hyperresponsiveness to isolation stress.
The Phantom's sounds are produced within the same frequency level that whitetails vocalize and hear.
It is so painful when patients cannot vocalize what they want to say.
Dealers need to take a long, hard look at the frustration causing consumers to vocalize their desire for factory-direct sales," said Chris Denove, director of automotive retail/distribution analysis for J.
Research has shown that children seem happier while visiting the room, vocalize more, and tend to stay on task in the Snoezelen environment as opposed to their regular environment.
Although some skiers would be sorry to see a private trail system go under, others vocalize the fact that public land is for public use.
The discovery makes marmosets rather unique, the researchers say, noting that chimps and other great apes "not only don't take turns when they vocalize, they don't seem to vocalize much at all, period
However, the bird continued to vocalize at the foraging area for ~2 weeks after termination of nesting.
I can watch out for those people; it's the ones who don't vocalize their intentions that worry me.
Sac-winged bats vocalize during courtship or territorial spats.
When they would be in the deepest part of the forest, the gibbons would vocalize.