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The vocalized news will be ideal for user wanting to follow the latest news while driving or running.
Once again, the results showed infants whose mothers attended more closely to their babbling vocalized more complex sounds and develop language skills sooner.
Those students who could not read silently either vocalized or moved their lips as they read to themselves.
During two observations, adult males vocalized after interacting with individuals of the same or other species.
In recent weeks, they've vocalized their frustration with the disparate reviews heaped on UCLA: The offense gets accolades; the defense gets ripped.
Then, with no fanfare, Philips Records released stateside an Amsterdam-made CD containing four vocalized versions of Vivier's works.
We are responding to the vocalized needs of the small-supplier population by offering a tag-only solution," stated Nicholas Chavez, president of RFID LTD.
Acapela-box allows you to easily create your all-rights included voice messages with your own texts vocalized with one of our voices.
Graham's fully vocalized reading is entirely convincing as the beleaguered Turow, who almost loses sight of his priorities in the relentless acquisition of his goal.
Those infants that had received nonverbal encouragements continued to produce more syllables and more finely articulated speech sounds than their counterparts, although all infants vocalized less frequently during this final phase.
Sometimes the Hebrew is vocalized and sometimes it is not, and sometimes individual words are not vocalized within an otherwise vocalized example.
Written texts such as the dictionary and the Bible are crucial to the narrative but play no more important role than Black vernacular speech, whether vocalized or only "uttered" in a character's memory.