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Baritone Geoffrey Schellenberg (the Sergeant) and bass-baritone Aaron Dimoff (Don Basilio), both with experience in the company's Emerging Artists Program, acquitted themselves well, even if Dimoff was a bit outclassed vocally by his more experienced stage mates.
The standout performance is provided by Emma Hatton who is a vocally exceptional in the role of Laura, a talented ugly duckling who inevitably finds love and true beauty by the time the curtain falls.
Vocally, the baritone that soothed a thousand souls is now long gone.
The Chicago Teddy Bears, from the Manchester area, are seven brilliant musicians who, instrumentally and vocally, produce a full range of styles, moods and sounds which mark out the truly great ensembles.
Beyond the physiological responses, which are autonomic and require very little thinking, people primarily manifest discomfort nonverbally instead of vocally.
Each example has been transcribed (where necessary) and edited to practical performance vocally or at the keyboard by students seeking insight and understanding of the work.
The final alternative, supported most vocally by the investment community, is something akin to large-scale, U.
Turner has also journeyed to Norwalk and vocally supported FASB and the work it's done.
They will succeed, unless we vocally and insistently require that they not only be kept open, but opened wider, by any means necessary--including, but not limited to, affirmative action.
She was arrested in Alabama while reporting on the case of the Scottsboro Boys (nine African-American boys unjustly convicted of raping two white women); she was persecuted as a Communist during the 1950s; and she vocally opposed the Vietnam War.
The other cast's sisterly pair--Lauren Margison (Fiordiligi) and Caroline Gelinas (Dorabella)--were vocally on point and hilarious.