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The area we want people to congregate in if they want to get behind the team more vocally is Lower Gwladys Street GT4 LL-PP 092-101.
Misha B could lose support after last weekend's controversy about her behaviour towards other contestants even though she is vocally the best performer.
The standout performance is provided by Emma Hatton who is a vocally exceptional in the role of Laura, a talented ugly duckling who inevitably finds love and true beauty by the time the curtain falls.
Paul has plenty of charisma which makes up for those moments where he just can't compete with Freddie vocally.
Despite the minor drawback of the somewhat prolonged silences between chapter readings, this is a listening experience that teens will enjoy as Almasy vocally shares with them Irene and her creative and sometimes misunderstood mind.
Vocally astounding with backwashes of echoes, I feel the strength and progression, I reveled in glorious gloomness and psychedelic trance.
Not because of my church, the United Church of Christ, which has been bold in embracing gay people of faith, but because there are many gay people who are vocally hostile toward the Christian faith.
Another awkward fact was that Cogswell had vocally supported Ralph Nader in the 2000 presidential campaign, and had been as disdainful of mainstream Democrats as Nader himself was.
Meanwhile, a suspicious-looking fox (suspicious-looking largely on account of its actually being a dog) anxiously circumnavigates the corpse, though never professing its love vocally.
Sharleen Spiteri proved why she got famous in the first place with a truly sassy performance - both vocally and in terms of her easy, thickly-accented banter with the crowd and the band.
Vocally, the baritone that soothed a thousand souls is now long gone.
Beyond the physiological responses, which are autonomic and require very little thinking, people primarily manifest discomfort nonverbally instead of vocally.