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That brings us back to the macro and micro dimensions of vocation.
Also known as Good Shepherd Sunday, the theme of this year's World Day of Prayer for Vocations is 'Led by the Spirit for Mission.
While previous research tends to focus on strategies for turning tutoring experience into careers, our initiative sought to explore the concept of vocation more deeply and to provide an opportunity for the tutors to find "a life of meaning and purpose.
The transaction consideration of $84 million will be paid, utilising both excess cash and a drawdown on Vocation s established debt facility, which increased from $100 million to $120 million.
In such a formulation the truly personal is lost, and with it any true meaning to the word vocation.
Rather, Guy's exile reveals how twisted his own conceptions of vocation are, as perhaps they have always been.
Unknown gunmen kidnapped six officials, including the head of a vocation training centre, in the Shegal district on their way to the district centre from Asadabad, the provincial capital, on June 11.
Thus several questions emerge on what constitutes faithfulness to a vocation, but they in no way diminish the merit of this well-written, original book.
Gumla, April 1 (ANI): A project mooted by the central government of India in Jharkhand has been training young girls in learning productive vocation and thus enable them to be self-reliant.
aligned to find the most suitable vocation for the person.