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The conflict between human values on the one hand and instrumentalism, vocationalism and professionalism on the other is very clear.
The article focuses on two aspects of vocationalism as pedagogy in the context of schooling: the different conceptions of the agenda being expressed by different players in this arena; and the driving force of assessment regimes, and the conflicting epistemologies and imputed worker positionings these embody.
I Don't Really Like the Mill; in Fact, I Hate the Mill': Changing Youth Vocationalism under Fordism and Post-Fordism in Powell River, British Columbia".
Giroux's introduction to Beyond the Corporate University surveys the political assault upon the transformative potential of pedagogy represented by vocationalism, privatization, market logic and the commercialization of higher education, crystallizing the question into a powerful collective choice for educators: critical education or training?
As historian Don O'Leary explains in this study of the politics of vocationalism in Ireland, the plan "envisaged that the various occupational groups would regulate their own affairs in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity.
The economic argument, that the demands of an industrial economy required more years of school, was most influential in winning support for the universalization of high school (indeed, education historian Diane Ravitch argues that the emphasis on vocationalism in 20th-century educational thought sometimes went too far).
The central establishment value of the 1990s, the `economic' as a dominant consideration in making policy decisions, has found comfortable companions in the new dynamic ideologies of globalization, vocationalism and technologization.
Those who wish to defend a model of the university based around ideas of equalitarianism and vocationalism elide a vital question, namely, what types of people are formed within an information or knowledge society?
Rayward (1983) quotes Robert Maynard Hutchins from the 1936 Stores lectures at Yale to the effect that vocationalism "leads to triviality and isolation" (p.
And in the process of stamping out vocationalism and achieving academic respectability, undergraduate insurance education has taken yet another blow.
Each ideal type of worker has something important and irreplaceable to contribute to probation work: for example, the idealism, vocationalism and intellectualism of the Lifer; the life experiences, transferable skills and commitment to 'making a difference' of the Second Careerist; the victim empathy, concern for public protection and willingness to challenge offending behaviour of the Offender Manager.