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He argued that if a wider set of rehabilitation journals had been searched (such as he had reported on in his 2005 paper) many more vocationally relevant articles would have been found.
Cardiac rehabilitation also helps people with a heart condition to look at their lives, make any necessary changes, avoid further problems and to get back on their feet again - physically, emotionally, socially and vocationally.
This model residential community promotes maximum growth intellectually, spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, and vocationally.
It includes information on the general areas of dental practice, life-long learning, and basic life support, as well as the new Vocationally Related Qualification (VRQ), which has replaced the Independent Assessment as the written portion.
It may be vocationally religious, but it also embraces personal destiny as well as the fate of all mankind ("Do not throw me away when the day comes").
Phil Emmott, a health management consultant and former deputy chief executive of Bury Primary Care Trust, said he had had "indications from colleagues that one doctor has to be vocationally trained but the others would not have to be".
Dominic's Home, a charitable organization that provides aid to individuals and families of all backgrounds who are developmentally disabled, socially disadvantaged and/or vocationally challenged.
Available scholarships include eight academic scholarships worth $1500 each, four vocational scholarships worth $1000 each, two military affiliation scholarships (may be used either academically or vocationally) worth $1500 each, and one Purple Heart Scholarship set at $1500, which may be used either vocationally or academically.
Focus on vocationally oriented Career Academy instruction at schools, with state and local investment of $650 per student for schools that adopt this curriculum.
I would not introduce majors except maybe in schools where it's vocationally necessary.
There were 383 vocationally registered anaesthetists of whom 303 (79%) were Fellows of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA).
The book challenges much of the conventional wisdom that pervades the field of psychiatric rehabilitation by attempting to dispel many of the myths that society has about what people with mental illness are capable of accomplishing vocationally.