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In my desperation, I pushed past them, and was about to enter the churchyard gate, when a group of ragged urchins, that had been hanging like bees to the window, suddenly dropped off and made a rush for the porch, vociferating in the uncouth dialect of their country something which signified, 'It's over - they're coming out
He was doing it now, vociferating, bellowing, waving his arms, and cursing like a fiend, and all because of a disagreement with another hunter as to whether a seal pup knew instinctively how to swim.
Meanwhile, the young and hip Benjamin Britten, forever vociferating against the Fascist Beast, had scarpered across the Atlantic at, in Evelyn Waugh's phrase, "the first squeak of an air-raid warning.
According to Chief Factor John Rowand, "They were headed by a tall young man in their front who distorted his muscles and Body in every way imaginable, dancing and jumping and vociferating a Whoop to accompany every gesture which according to their custom was open defiance.