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Now, as a half-smile was sufficient to awaken the irascibility of the young man, the effect produced upon him by this vociferous mirth may be easily imagined.
And one by one, encouraged by vociferous applause, speaking with fire and enthusiasm and excited gestures, they replied to the attack.
Behind the police rearguard, at a respectful distance, was an orderly but vociferous mob, several blocks in length, that congested the street from sidewalk to sidewalk.
The windows of the office building became vociferous with applause.
Several very exciting skirmishes were in progress, when a loud shout attracted the attention even of the belligerents, and then there poured on to the platform, from a door at the side, a long line of gentlemen with their hats off, all looking behind them, and uttering vociferous cheers; the cause whereof was sufficiently explained when Sir Matthew Pupker and the two other real members of Parliament came to the front, amidst deafening shouts, and testified to each other in dumb motions that they had never seen such a glorious sight as that, in the whole course of thier public career.
And then follow "The British Grenadiers," "Billy Taylor," "The Siege of Seringapatam," "Three Jolly Postboys," and other vociferous songs in rapid succession, including "The Chesapeake and Shannon," a song lately introduced in honour of old Brooke; and when they come to the words,
The entrance of Obed at such a moment into the camp, accompanied as it was by vociferous lamentations over his anticipated loss, did not fail to rouse the drowsy family of the squatter.
They walked up the street on one side of the way, and down it on the other, what time two vociferous news- sellers, announcing an extraordinary event that had never happened and never would happen, pitched their hoarse voices into the secret chambers; but nothing came of it.
Unlike other fan groups like England's aACAyBarmy Army', they are not vociferous.
In response to this 'traditional ire' of parliamentarian Jamshed Dasti and his vociferous statement of "shame on you
ISLAMABAD -- PPP's coalition partners in Senate expressed their strong vociferous objections over not being taken in confidence over Nawaz-Zardari `one-on-one' meeting.
It was his party that brought in this cut in legal aid against vociferous opposition from the legal community and it's interesting that it takes something like this to make some MPs realise the effects of the changes that they vote for.