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Afterwards, both sides agreed, Pakistan would vociferously protest the incursion, the paper quoted serving and retired Pakistani and US officials as saying.
How well we recall Neil Kinnock roundly condemning the House of Lords as ``a place for the descendants of brigand, muggers, bribers and gangsters'', and calling vociferously for that institution to be abolished.
However, I vociferously object to the other end of that spectrum - instituting a new requirement for any California county purchasing a DRE system to procure a system with a voter-verified paper trail,'' McCormack said.
Previously it has vociferously given its support to objectors to Green Belt so-called ``development'' -- but suddenly in an editorial there was an embarrassed note of caution: ``Yes, of course we don't want to destroy what remains of our countryside, unless by any chance we might be able to have a stadium in place of the green fields?
May I also take this opportunity to thank their supporters at televised games for singing so vociferously and with such passion, songs about my club, Manchester City.
Mushfiqur Rahim collected the ball, and was so certain of the caught-behind that he vociferously appealed without bothering to try stumping Taufeeq who had advanced down the track.
12 (ANI): Residents in Kochi have complained vociferously about poor drinking water facilities, and warned that it could be a major issue when determining who they will vote for in next month's state assembly elections.
By MARDAN, July 29, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Parliamentarians, political activists and workers of PPPP of Mardan district have vociferously demanded an end to any political coalition and coordination with ANP forthwith.
Surely the law-abiding tax payer should state the case more vociferously.
ONE of Britain's most controversial Muslim preachers criticised the Archbishop of Canterbury yesterday for failing to oppose the war against Iraq more vociferously.
Again, her performance doesn't make one inclined to vociferously disagree.
50 Years Ago Crowd reactions to the visit of film celebrities to Birmingham have never been so vociferously demonstrated as they were last night on the occasion of the replica Royal Film Performance at the Odeon, New Street.