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Many users already have the computing power to run voice recognition programs, so the decision becomes which software to purchase.
The PSTN network is engineered to accommodate the human voice, and the user's perception of the quality of a telephone conversation depends upon the real-time transmission of the voice signals.
But, boy, when it's just your voice and you have a camera on you, with no makeup on.
The first time a woman reported to the Southern Baptist Convention was through a male voice.
The problems with voice portals as they stand today, and the ones that VoiceXML hopes to solve, are the issues of sequencing and interactivity.
This growing installed base of residential subscribers is a prime target for Voice over Broadband services.
IP-based Next-generation Enterprise Voice (NGEV) Services to Capture nearly 87.
Imagine walking into your home and using your voice to tell your Media Center to play MP3 or iTunes music, call to order a pizza1, set the thermostat or home theater lighting, play a photo slideshow, watch and record live TV, read and send E-mail or video chat with a friend.
Memotec has integrated SPIRIT voice products to its CX Series Multiservice Gateway.
After we integrated SPIRIT's voice solution into Compal new 3G video phone, our users immediately benefited from high voice quality", said Compal.
Using One Voice's mceSpeechTools, Embedded Automation has enabled voice command and control to their popular mControl home automation software.