voice change

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A sore throat or voice change that persists more than three weeks.
A 19-year-old man presented to the emergency department with complaints of recent upper respiratory tract symptoms, increasing left-sided sore throat, voice change, odynophagia, dysphagia, and occasional subjective fevers and blood-tinged sputum.
Identification of at least four of six clinical features (cough after swallow, voice change after swallow, abnormal volitional cough, abnormal gag reflex, dysphonia, and dysarthria) was associated with poor swallowing outcomes at admission and discharge from the hospital.
There's no question that treating low libido with testosterone is effective, but there's a long list of possible side effects, including hirsutism, voice change, acne, and clitoral enlargement," explained Judith Gerber, Ph.
Menarche, voice change, breast development, shaving, expectations of sex, the decision to have sex, the experience of sex, and how girls and boys manage their emotions and selves throughout all of these new experiences are discussed within this greater context.
He added, "Quality matters in voice change, because if it sounds artificial or processed, it is a clear giveaway to other users.
We recommend early doctor's visit for any unusual symptoms, like difficulty or painful swallowing or breathing, a mass or ulcer in the head and neck area, or voice change longer than two weeks.
The most common communication techniques used were: voice change in 60 (72%); distraction in 49 (59%); direct commands in 39 (47%); repetition in 34 (41%); imagery in 21 (25%) and focused attention 21 (25%).
The first sign is typically hoarseness or voice change followed by progressive stridor, potentially resulting in airway compromise.
Even symptoms like bad breath and a slight voice change, due to the swelling, can indicate tonsillitis.
Obviously more mature than his preteen debut having gone through a high-to-low voice change and critical teenage years.
Symptoms of LPR include chronic throat clearing, sensation of something in the back of the throat, and voice change or hoarseness," Reed says.