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[Latin, Force or violence.] A term employed in many legal phrases and maxims, such as vis injuriosa, "wrongful force."

See: ability, coercion, compulsion, essence, faculty, force, impetus, import, importance, influence, life, meaning, power, pressure, significance, signification, stock, store, strength

VIS. A Latin word which signifies force. In law it means any kind of force, violence, or disturbance, relating to a man's person or his property.

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Philips Speech Processing today announced that its speech recognition technology has been deployed in another voice information service.
The product, a voice information service that upon being accessed relates high- interest or frequently updated information about an advertiser's business, was introduced a year ago.
VoiceFrame systems, from Harris Digital Telephone Systems, are designed to provide the critical link bridging telephone networks and a new generation of computer-controlled voice information services, such as Message Connect.
variety of streaming voice information services, advertising sales and
For the year ending December 31, 2003, Yangtze Telecom's Voice Information Services brought in over 4,000,000 RMB.