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reductions for its S-25, S-100 and S-150 Voice Mail enhancement
The leading voice mail vendor is Octel Communications Corp.
version of our Voice Mail service at an extremely competitive
Ameritech Centrex Voice Mail gives customers the flexibility to add or delete voice "mailboxes" whenever the need arises; they don't have to purchase additional pieces of equipment or software.
To obtain Voice Mail from Ohio Bell, customers can call their local Ohio Bell office at 800-660-1000, or 800-222-2522.
A unique advantage of voice mail is its ability to accept messages when a customer is already on the phone.
Voice mail vendors can be found in the Yellow Pages under "Telephone Answering Services" and "Voice Mail.
The case study will highlight the issues facing the firm, which had an obsolete first-generation voice mail system, how the firm evaluated, acquired and implemented a second-generation communications solution, and the financial impact of their decision.
June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Voice mail subscribers will have access to a new type of information through their mailboxes with the debut of Brite Voice Systems Inc.
Transfer incoming calls directly into voice mail or to another extension
Call Monitor and Retrieve -- allows users to monitor callers as they leave voice mail and retrieve them from voicemail as needed.