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Another, a younger voice, interrupted him: "Afraid or not, you can't escape it anyhow.
cried the shrill and childish voice of some unseen person.
Only by the sound of the voice could sex or age be distinguished.
And though no voice but his was heard to speak aloud, still there were revilings and anathemas, whispered but distinct, from women and from men, breathed against the daughter who had wrung the aged hearts of her parents,--the wife who had betrayed the trusting fondness of her husband,--the mother who had sinned against natural affection, and left her child to die.
They are puzzled, too, by the seeming impossibility of reconciling the voices heard in contention, with the facts that no one was discovered up stairs but the assassinated Mademoiselle L'Espanaye, and that there were no means of egress without the notice of the party ascending.
And after that other voices went on (What a number of people there are in the carriage
I could have killed Strickland then, and I knew that my voice was trembling when I bade the nurse goodbye.
In a minute, the number and loudness of the voices indicated that the whole party was collected in and around that secret place.
Where did that voice come from, when there is no one around?
and now the voice was IN THE ROOM, in front of Christine.
The shipwrecked man, hearing another voice in the room, looked round slowly over his shoulder.
A man was speaking there--Jurgis heard his voice vaguely; but all his thoughts were for this woman's face.