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As I have noted, Being for Maori is related to entity, activity and voidness.
In Heidegger's work, the physical voidness of the jug affords the ritual act of outpouring (usually of wine), which creates an extraphysical or spiritual sense of "nearness" or togetherness, thus giving interality a spiritual overtone.
Then you must make repeated heartfelt requests to your root Guru, whom you recognise as inseparable from the Buddhas of the past, present and future, to be able to realise Voidness.
How can anything and everything come out of this Void / Voidness, Nothing/Nothingness, Emptiness, Non-Existence?
19 the (CMA) court rejected Investment Dar's case about the voidness of CBK's ownership of Boubyan's shares,' CBK said in a statement on the Kuwaiti bourse website on Thursday.
Empty-Space Nature is the voiding of voidness, nonabiding, nondualistic,
NNA - 15/4/2011 Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdel Karim Ali underlined that his Country is more immune than ever, saying Syria does not want government voidness in Lebanon.
contained herein shall become inoperative or fail by reason of any unconstitutionality, voidness or invalidity of any other portion hereof, and all provisions of this Ordinance are declared to be severable for that purpose.
b (1942) (discussing voidness of judgment when court lacks personal jurisdiction or competency).
141) Voidness, where occasioned by mistake rather than forgery, does not infringe the principle of indefeasibility.
Madhyamika and Epistemology: A Study of Kamalasila's Method for Proving the Voidness of All Dharmas: Introduction, Annotated Translations and Tibetan Texts of Selected Sections of the Second Chapter of the Madhyamakaloka.
The difference arises because the rights of access to courts and trial by jury may be contractually relinquished, subject to defenses to contract enforcement including voidness for violation of the law or public policy, unconscionability, or lack of consideration.