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Thus, it would be naive to reject a juror nondisclosure rule simply because it is not in accord with the idea of a pure voir dire.
From the moment the potential jurors walk in the courtroom to begin voir dire, until the moment your office door closes behind you after the verdict--you are onstage.
30) The coverage was so extensive that a majority of the jurors who sat at trial had admitted, under voir dire, to reading the stories about Dr.
Toward that end, the standard jury instructions already reference perjury during voir dire.
15) In subsections 3 and 4 of Paragraph B under that principle, the ABA reaffirms the necessity of voir dire as an information-gathering proceeding:
12) In these instances, voir dire may serve as a tool to develop race-neutral justifications for the anticipated race-based strikes.
In voir dire, "questioning jurors is principally a matter of getting basic background information from which [attorneys] infer likely beliefs and attitudes relevant to the case being tried.
The data available may well be superior to traditional oral questioning in voir dire, or formal questionnaires, because it avoids embarrassing admissions or self-censorship.
During voir dire counsel should carefully probe for any biases.
The court also announces that, because only one room in the entire courthouse is big enough to accommodate such a panel, that is where the voir dire will take place.