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Chi-squared analysis of the impact of location on the activity of the volatile oil showed that the results from the three localities did not differ significantly (p >0.
contains the flavonoids quercitrin and rhamnocitrin, and the 7-glucosides of apigenin, kaempferol, quercetin, and luteolin; phenolic acids and tannins, chiefly rosmarinic acid (up to 4%), and glycosidically bound caffeic and chlorogenic acids; triterpenes (ursolic, oleanolic acids); volatile oil (0.
When the flowers are ripe or fully mature, the volatile oils are at their most plentiful and the resulting brew is aromatic, a rich gold color and, if one doses one's eyes, honey is the first image that comes to your pallet.
While volatile oil prices make it difficult for buyers and sellers to agree on valuation, more companies will likely accept terms based on current pricing in the second half of the year," Byers said.
Worth attention here is that the volatile oil showed high anti-inflammatory activity (68, 50, 35, 34, 37 and 13% at time intervals of 0.
MUSCAT: The investigations carried out at Sultan Qaboos University, funded by His Majesty's Strategic Research Grant, have found that plants, which are traditionally used as fragrant disinfectants in Oman, owe their indigenous values to the volatile oil (essential oil) present in the fresh plants.
An exploration well on the Hammamet Block in the Republic of Tunisia, in which RAK Petroleum has a non-operated 30 percent interest, was drilled in May and an analysis of downhole samples showed a mixture of gas and volatile oil.
Airlines are eager to distance themselves from the volatile oil market and become more environmentally friendly.
Ward said that despite the downward risks in the MENA region, including volatile oil prices, there are still quite a lot of growth opportunities for private equity firms.
4m in the year to last February, despite volatile oil prices and a deep recession.
ENERGY giants BP and Royal Dutch Shell made strong gains today as volatile oil prices continued to govern the direction of the London market.
Chief executive Jeroen van der Veer added the oil major was "rejuvenating its portfolio" for a world of higher and more volatile oil prices, which yesterday hit a record of nearly EUR112 a barrel.

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