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Tens of thousands of travellers in Bali were stranded during peak holiday season in July when the airport was closed due to volcanic eruptions on Mount Raung in East Java.
Though volcanic eruptions are not common, their economic impact can be immense.
The 2010 volcanic eruption brought chaos to air space across Europe
Consolidated sales for the second quarter of 2010 decreased to EUR877m, which Air Berlin said was due to the volcanic eruption and the prolonged flight ban caused by the spread of volcanic ash.
Similar processes, they say, led to a surge in volcanic eruptions in Iceland at the end of the last ice age, and similarly increased volcanic activity is expected to occur there in the future.
European countries closed their air space on April 14 due to a giant ash cloud caused by a volcanic eruption in Iceland, leading to flight cancellations in the majority of the continent.
BILL HAYES, Marton TO blame God for the volcanic eruption in Iceland, and then to claim it is his/her retribution for causing global warming beggars belief.
This referred to a major volcanic eruption in 1783, only six years before the taking of the Bastille.
VOLCANIC eruptions in Iceland could continue for MONTHS, leading to protracted travel chaos for millions of passengers.
Summary: Volcanic eruption in Iceland closes scores of UK airports, leaving passengers on hold Friday as air traffic authorities monitor ash cloud.
Royal Jordanian Airlines RJ on Thursday canceled a London-bound flight after a volcanic eruption in Iceland sent a massive cloud of ash that forced the closure of airports across Europe.
In 1997, a volcanic eruption killed 19 people and buried much of the island, including its former capital, Plymouth, which is now abandoned.