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Furthermore, the high Ni pool calculated in the present study could also reflect the naturally high levels of Ni observed in volcanically derived soils (basalt, tuff, scoria; Fig.
Planets, on the other hand, were volcanically active for much longer, and many of their rocks formed much later.
For Cole, this style has consisted of an almost Olympian asceticism of tone in the presentation of images and subjects volcanically hot, an alienation of perspective that defamiliarizes even the most casual gestures; for Phillips, it has consisted of a quivering, questing, lushly analytical syntax, with clauses of qualification and contradiction proliferating to the very edge of sense.
Volcanically active areas, such as the Aleutian Islands, pose greater risks to birds than in many other areas.
Volcanically heated pools are dotted around the city, and there is an 18-hole golf course a mile away.
Sparsely populated Iceland is one of the world's most volcanically active countries and eruptions are frequent.
Secondly, in designing safety features, it is imperative that the regulator impose more strict standards, by setting requirements that go far beyond those required as a result of the international conventions on nuclear safety especially in the case of Japan, which is in one of the most volcanically active zones in the world.
In the past, Mercury has been very volcanically active," says planetary scientist Robert Strom.
We have done several World Bank funded projects in the volcanically active Afar region's Dallol, in the Danakil Depression [the hottest place on earth] battling temperatures that reach up to 50 degree centigrade.
The top and bottom layers are transparent whereas the opaque centre's colouring is volcanically red, matching the candy's unique and unusual theme.
The island is volcanically active and sits on a geological hotspot or mantle plume (Zhao, 2007); the latest volcano eruptions took place in 1883 and 1933 at Lingao and Chengmai counties, respectively (Liu, 1999).
They can be deployed in extremely hostile environments, such as near volcanically active sites, inside a chemical industry, or probable disaster areas or in mainly inaccessible environments.