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In the background a volcano crater was silhouetted against the stars.
The volcano of Orsono was spouting out volumes of smoke.
tv/another-alleged-ufo-sighting-near-volcano-mexico-video/31184) report , the blurry UFO video makes it difficult to see any physical details on the mysterious flying object or how close it was flying straightly and smoothly to the volcano as well as the nearby mountain range.
Currently two of the three Volcano Cliffs wells are out of service due to high arsenic levels.
Volcano seismologist Steve McNutt said the volcano, about 600 miles south west of Anchorage, could be building toward a major, more explosive eruption.
These tremors increase in frequency and intensity when the volcano is about to pop.
Detecting volcanic eruptions with infrasound would also be a useful tool for airplane pilots, because ash from an erupting volcano can dangerously damage a plane's engines.
Since 1983, when Kilauea Volcano erupted violently from the Puu Oo vent on the mountain's southeast flank, lava has poured down the mountain to the coast, there colliding with seawater, cooling and causing Hawaii to be the only state in the union that increases in area.
Walking on an erupting volcano is all in a day's work for Maggie.
Civilizations all around the world have told volcano myths to explain the unimaginable power of these destructive mountains.