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A couple of conspiracy theories claimed that there are alien bases located miles inside or below the volcanoes in Mexico to explain the numerous UFO sightings reported near the area.
From the rim I gazed onto a horizon filled with volcanoes and lava flows.
Nyiragongo is part of a chain of eight volcanoes found in the Virunga Mountain range.
Before embarking on his trip, Jonathan spent two weeks at his former school in Crosby teaching pupils about the evolving world of study around volcanoes.
One of Alaska's most active volcanoes continued erupting vigorously into its second week, amid fears of a major eruption.
Geological Survey counts at least 500 active volcanoes in the world today.
It is one of the many active volcanoes dotting the Philippines, which sits on the Pacific ''Ring of Fire,'' a vast zone around the Pacific Ocean experiencing frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
Avalanches roar down mountains, volcanoes rumble, and hurricanes blast through coastal areas.
Circling the Pacific Ocean are a string of volcanoes creating a "Ring of Fire.
Melts form at the highest temperatures and lowest pressures resulting in large volumes of tholeiitic magma that form shield volcanoes such as Mauna Loa.
Seeing that eruption, Masao developed an interest in volcanoes, which became a lifelong hobby.
YOU'D THINK THAT an IMAX documentary called ``Volcanoes of the Deep Sea'' would show us some, well, underwater volcanoes.