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With more than 40 past eruptions, Pavlof is one of the most active volcanos of the Aleutian arc.
So why don't we use them for something good, like to set off volcanos, and keep the world's temperature just where we like It.
We set them off way deep underground, where what they do is set off volcanos.
Ever since that terrible tragedy, scientists vowed to find a way to predict when volcanos were about to blow their tops so they gave at least a bit of prior warning to the people who lived around them.
One boffin, Bernard Chouet (above), came up with a mathematical way of determining when a volcano was about to erupt by checking out the patterns drawn by seismographs, which measures the tremors caused by volcanos when they're active.
It's often said that there's no place in the world like Costa Rica: active volcanos, carefully protected rain forests, secluded beaches and undersea coral reefs.
And because self-reversing titanohematites form under a particular set of conditions, it is also conceivable that their presence could help volcanologists understand the magma (molten rock that flows up through a volcano) systems of volcanos they study.
Geologists today learn about the history of the earth primarily from the physical clues left by volcanos, earthquakes and other forces that have sculpted the face of the earth.
Code-named "Kilauea" after a Hawaiin volcano, the new product makes it easier to port legacy programs to Windows environments and to generate new applications taking advantage of Windows' best features.