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Easy erosion would also account for the fact that Butler has yet to find traces of the volcanos from which the titanohematites might have originated, even though other volcanic fields of about the right age have been found.
Champion, too, is planning to hunt for titanohematites in lava flows from other explosive volcanos such as the 12,000-year-old bed near Glacier Peak in Washington.
In this way, historical documents detailing volcanos and their aftereffects are not only helping in the study of the frequency and distribution of past volcanic eruptions but also adding much-needed data to the modeling of climate changes that might result from very large volcanos, or perhaps from a nuclear war.
The volcanos that have gone off in the last 100 years, where the temperature records have been the best, have been relatively small compared to some of the big ones discussed in the historical literature," says Michael R.
We have announced that there will be five major releases in the Volcano series, all designed to extend the life of legacy Business Basic applications and to move the language into the next century.