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In addition, as participants could not reach the same external resistance with IC, it is possible that there was less stress on their lumbar spine at volitional fatigue compared to NC cycling.
Lesions of the volitional pathway have been correlated with conditions of PBA, whereas direct activation of the emotional pathway tended to lead to emotional lability or the crying and laughing behaviors observed in dacrystic or gelastic epilepsy.
4 patients who had a canal body ratio in the moderate compression group had volitional voiding.
1] speed increment every 30 sec until the subject stopped due to volitional exhaustion (25).
Arguably, the Buddha seems to have tacitly accepted a minimalistic sense of "free will" involving wholesome volitional regulation in connection with progress along the Buddhist path.
The result of his analysis is thus the same four dimensions of the human person named above, namely, the corporeal (body), cognitive (intellect), affective (passions), and volitional (will).
We hypothesized that the subjects with amputation would initially have poor volitional myoelectric control of the virtual object compared with the nondisabled control subjects.
Analysis of the proposed model showed the following results: the perception of a classroom learning goal structure relates significantly to a personal learning goal orientation, and the latter relates positively to the use of meta-cognitive strategies, the use of volitional strategies has a mediating effect between a learning goal orientation and the use of meta-cognitive strategies.
At the same time, this research describes the extent of the relationship among the three psychological variables (Psychological Well-being, Coping Strategies and Perceived Autonomy), apart from describing the extent in which differences observed among participants are explained by decision making and volitional aspects within Psychological Well-being dimensions and coping strategies.
With institution ethical approval, trained endurance athletes, (n = 12) performed three incremental cardiopulmonary exercise tests to volitional exhaustion, on three different days at least 1 week apart.