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But all of these either are or involve cognitive and affective states and processes--such things as are studied in psychology, and the very sorts of things that CBT shows can be both affected and effected by volitional effort mediated, albeit indirectly via cognitive representations.
Finally, individuals in the internalization stage should be less affected by social influences since their responses are more volitional in nature.
Paul usually does not explicitly characterize all stressors in the epistle as volitional or nonvolitional, and some events might have an element of both.
The content of sport training as an educational process includes volitional preparation in addition to technical, tactical, and theoretical (2) preparation.
ad A: Values are given to us in acts of feeling and willing (Gemutsakten), evaluative and volitional reason are--according to Husserl--"mute" and "blind" (Hua XXVIII: 68).
Recognizing that misrepresentations are volitional and not accidents should put a variety of claims beyond the scope of insurance coverage.
So how can we use emotional self-regulation instead of volitional self-control to make changes?
Suppose the short circuit occurs in the coordination of simple fragments of or activation/inhibition of multistep sequential volitional movements.
For the ability to flexibly alternate between facilitatory and inhibitory modes, PSI theory posits a mediating role of positive and negative affect, modulating the dynamics between the volitional systems.
Methods: Forty-four patients with severe upper limb paresis (with no or only just palpable volitional activity of the wrist and finger extensor muscles) were recruited four to eight week after their first episode of stroke.
In this article, a volitional framework to supplement the mostly cognitively-based research on multimedia learning is introduced to serve as a basis for critically reviewing and reinterpreting current research findings.
Departure from this action type in any significant way may be construed as constituting a spontaneous action, expressed by a construction formally contrasting with the volitional construction.